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TNT Institute — 2007

Wednesday, May 16th
“Quality and the Beast” A Problem-solving Play”
Sandra Selick, Paul Younghouse, and Keith Williams; Teaching and Learning Center
Manish Wadhwa and Subhojit Paul, Office of Academic Technologies

Keynote Address
“Quality Matters: Outcomes and Lessons Learned in Creating a Quality Assurance Program”
Jean Runyon, College of Southern Maryland
Quality Matters: Inter-Institutional Quality Assurance in Online Learning

(Quality Assurance Course Design Principle)
Vicki Cohen, University College
Assessments PowerPoint presentation

Session A
Course Content
(Quality Assurance Course Design Principle)
Ellen Campbell, University College
Keith Williams, Teaching and Learning Center

Thursday, May 17th
Session B
Organization and Design
(Quality Assurance Course Design Principle)
Rosemary Rowlands, University College
Paul Younghouse, Teaching and Learning Center
Organization and Course Design PowerPoint presentation
Additional resources

“Interactivity and Co-Presence”
(Quality Assurance Course Design Principle and Quality Assurance Value)
Jason Scorza
University College

“Universal Design”
(Quality Assurance Value)
Vincent Varrassi, Regional Center

Presentation and Discussion
“Global Learning”
(Quality Assurance Value)
Diana Cvitan, Global Learning

Friday, May 18th
Session C
“Technical Standards for Using Web and Multimedia Resources”
(Quality Assurance Technical Design Standards)
Allen Debren, University College
Keith Williams, Teaching and Learning Center

Session D
“New Beginnings: Required Structural Elements and Reflection”
(Discussion about the Guide to Quality Assurance for Online and Blended Courses)


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