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TNT Institute — 2004

Teaching with New Technologies, or TNT, was created by the Office of Educational Technology with the goal of providing faculty continuing education on subjects relating to online courses, available software for the classroom and course preparation.

The first annual TNT Institute held by Fairleigh Dickinson University was a collection of workshops, discussions and presentations spanning a three-day period. The innovative series, held on the Metropolitan Campus from May 18th through May 20th, 2004, was a free affair open to all university faculty members; next year the event will shift to the College at Florham Campus.

The central curriculum, divided into two tracks, allowed faculty a choice of subject matter to focus on during each segment of the day. One track focused on Blackboard and online course materials, while the other track was primarily teaching useful aspects of Microsoft Office software. The Library Staff also contributed with informative sessions on The Business Resources of the FDU Libraries, The Library Information Literacy Initiative and E-Resources, Copyright and You @ the FDU Libraries.

Other enlightening units included discussions on Prevention and Detection of Plagiarism, by Ken Ronkowitz of NJIT, Faculty Experiences with Global Virtual Faculty, by FDU Global Initiatives Director Dalila Suhonjic, and Assistive Technologies for students with physical and learning disabilities, by Vincent Varrassi of the Regional Center.

Encouraged by the booming success of the TNT Institute, single sessions called TNT Sparklers are regularly conducted on both campuses and will continue to offer education on TNT-related topics.


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