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TNT Institute

Teaching with New Technologies, or TNT, was created by the Office of Educational Technology (now the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology) with the goal of providing continuing education for faculty, on subjects relating to online courses, available software for the classroom and course preparation.

Pages about CTLT’s annual Teaching with New Technologies (TNT) Institute:
Metropolitan Campus 2010
The theme of the 2010 Teaching with New Technologies Institute was Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement for Online and Blended Education at FDU. The Seventh Annual Institute included sessions on blogging as an educational activity, assessment and the design of rubrics, cloud computing as a teaching resource, social media and learning, Google Earth as a resource for geographic storytelling, learning with mobile resources, and incorporating Global Learning into the curriculum. Our Keynote speaker was Steve Maher, from Chatham High School, who presented on “Preparing Our Students for a Digital Nation.” We also enjoyed and were inspired by a virtual presentation by Howard Rheingold, on “The Social Media Classroom,” with comments on online Crap Detection as a new digital literacy.

College at Florham 2009
The theme of the 2009 Teaching with New Technologies Institute was Understanding Quality Design. The Keynote speaker for the Sixth Annual Institute was Dr. Ken Bain, Vice Provost for Instruction and Founder and Director of the Research Academy for University Learning, who spoke on his research on the topic of What the Best College Teachers Do, the title of his award-winning book from Harvard University Press. Additional activities included sessions on learning outcomes assessment, CTLT’s Guide to Quality Assurance for Online and Blended Courses at FDU, assessment and rubrics, interactivity, using the resources of the Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Academic Technologies, and Global Learning as part of FDU’s Global Mission.

Metropolitan Campus 2008
The theme of the 2008 Teaching with New Technologies Institute was Student-Centered Learning. The Fifth Annual Institute included sessions on using cell phones for teaching, blogging as an educational activity, Wikis as a teaching tool, moving from passive to active learning, podcasting as a resource for online learning, student-centered models for learning, 3D modeling for novices, FDU’s Global Mission, and digital storytelling.

College at Florham 2007
The theme of the 2007 Teaching with New Technologies Institute was about quality assurance in online and blended courses at FDU, and was offered both to faculty new to designing courses online, as well as to faculty experienced in teaching in the online environment. For our Fourth Annual institute, our keynote speaker was Jean Runyon, from the College of Southern Maryland. Jean presented on “Quality Matters: Outcomes and Lessons Learned in Creating a Quality Assurance Program.” Jean has been part of Quality Matters from its inception and, as you know, the Quality Matter’s approach has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on many academic institutions’ distance learning programs.

Metropolitan Campus 2006
The theme for the Third Annual Teaching with New Technologies Institute was Social Networking. Sessions explored using blogs, wikis, pod casting, webcams, e-portfolios, live chat, cyber-meetings, and streaming video for eucational purposes. Our keynote speaker for 2006 was Richard Sweeney from NJIT. Rich shared his research on the rising generation of college students, the Millennials (born 1979 to 1994), and the impact that this large, quite different, generation will have upon libraries and academic institutions.

College at Florham 2005
The Second Annual Teaching with New Technologies Institute took place May 18th, 19th and 20th on the College at Florham campus in Madison. The agenda highlighted authentic learning and collaborative teaching through hands-on workshops, round table discussions and presentations. Topics included rubrics and transparent assessment, pop culture in the college curriculum, electronic portfolios, accessible IT, visual literacy, and the effect of the Internet on women in science & engineering.

Metropolitan Campus 2004
The First Annual Teaching with New Technologies Institute held by Fairleigh Dickinson University was a collection of workshops, discussions and presentations spanning a three-day period. The innovative series, held on the Metropolitan Campus from May 18th through May 20th, 2004, was a free affair open to all university faculty members.

The central curriculum, divided into two tracks, allowed faculty a choice of subject matter to focus on during each segment of the day. One track focused on Blackboard and online course materials, while the other track was primarily teaching aspects of Microsoft Office software that are particularly useful for faculty members.


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