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Spotlight: Jason Scorza

Jason Scorza
(December 2004)
Jason Scorza
We are very pleased to announce that Jason Scorza, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Science in University College, was recently awarded the Sloan Consortium Award
for Excellence in Online Teaching. Dr. Scorza won this very prestigious award for his work developing, managing, and teaching two primarily online courses offered at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He was a member of the development team and the program coordinator for “The Global Challenge”, the award-winning distance learning course required for all FDU undergraduate students, which is also the first course in the University Core sequence. He was also the principal developer for “The Life of the Mind,” an introductory philosophy course offered by University
College. In their award announcement, the Sloan Consortium noted that “The Global Challenge is a model of collaborative development of interdisciplinary material, and it has been recognized by diverse students and faculty audiences as such.” “The Global Challenge” also won the prestigious International Technology Council Award for Outstanding Online Course for 2004.

Special mention was made of the interactive activities which are an integral part of “The Life of the Mind”. The Sloan announcement reads, “The Life of the Mind experiments with a number
of different ways of illuminating philosophical texts. See, for example, the interactive Plato’s Cave at http://alpha.fdu.edu/edtech/plato.htm.” The interactive activities in “Life of the Mind” were developed with significant assistance from Mr. Subhojit Paul and Ms. Joy McDonald from the Office of Educational Technology, and we are very pleased that their work has helped Dr. Scorza earn this well-deserved award.

But the award isn’t only for development; it is also for excellence in teaching. Sloan reports, “Scorza works at the highest levels in several key areas, including engaging students, scholarship,
critical inquiry, learning outcomes assessment, navigating administrative processes, using and improving pedagogical tools, and team-building. On-line teaching evaluations reveal an exceptional level of rapport with learners, as well as unusually high scores for class discussion and increased knowledge compared with the college means.”

You may see samples of both “The Global Challenge” and “The Life of the Mind” by visiting the following website:

To see the entire Sloan Consortium announcement, visit:


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