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Quality Assurance

In the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology, we often engage in discussions about the quality of our online and blended courses offerings at FDU. We have sometimes heard concern from faculty members about whether our online courses are of sufficiently high quality, and fully engage our students.

It is our belief in CTLT that online and blended courses can and should be both rigorous and engaging for our students. These classes should be held to the same high standard as our traditional face to face classes.

To help address these concerns and support faculty teaching online and blended classes, we have created the Guide to Quality Assurance for Online and Blended Classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University. This guide introduces widely accepted best practices in online and blended learning, but no part of it is intended to be doctrinaire. We welcome and encourage all thoughts and ideas. To make it easy for you to provide your contributions, the Guide is available as a wiki, or community-editable resource. It is our hope that this wiki will come to truly reflect the views of our faculty, and that FDU faculty fully participate in editing this wiki.

We hope to develop a process by which FDU faculty can provide peer reviews of online materials to help encourage and support the high-quality online and blended courses. It is our hope to work closely with the academic Deans, chairs, and school directors and all relevant faculty committees to help develop a completely voluntary, non-punitive and faculty-friendly process for improving online and blended course quality.

If you would like to edit the wiki, click the link to the Guide above and then click the button labeled “Join this space” at the top left-hand area of the screen. All FDU faculty members are eligible to become editors. Full-time and part-time faculty are both welcome, as are both faculty who teach online and those who do not.


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