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Faculty Events & Workshops


For past few years, the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology has been offering a faculty development series called “TNT Sparklers.” Our “Sparklers” are not primarily training events. Some of them will be held in computer labs or with laptops, but most will not be in labs. They are instead roundtable-style moderated discussions, led by faculty members or experts in the field. The focus is primarily on thinking through the best teaching methods for your online, blended, or Web-enhanced classes. When the sessions do offer a hands-on component, the session will still be targeted toward the development of quality teaching, rather than on learning new skills.

We will be scheduling several Sparkler sessions each semester, alternating between the two New Jersey campuses. Enrollment is open to all FDU faculty members.

If you would like to facilitate a TNT Sparkler, please contact Sandra Selick.

For more information and a current list of Sparklers: http://ctlt.fdu.edu/tntsparkler.htm

TGIF! Talk, Gather and Innovate on Fridays

Join the staff of the Teaching and Learning Center on select Friday afternoons throughout the semester. TGIF! will have a different focus each session driven by an article, a Web site, a Webcast, a presentation, or the like. No set agenda will be given, as we hope participants will appreciate that this is a truly open event and that they can influence the direction of the conversation.

To suggest a topic for a future TGIF!, please email Sandra Selick.

For a list of TGIF! events or to sign up, please visit: http://ctlt.fdu.edu/tgifevents.htm.


For several years, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) has been running a three-day conference called “Teaching with New Technologies Institute” (TNT Institute) for our Fairleigh Dickinson University faculty and faculty from our New Jersey higher educational partnership institutions every May directly following FDU commencement activities.

The TNT Institute offers hands-on training and seminars in areas like classroom technologies, electronic portfolios, visual literacy, blogs and wikies, pod casting, quality assurance in blended and online teaching, and other teaching and learning strategies. Our aim in the institute is to improve teaching, and to get faculty energized and thinking creatively about teaching with technology.

For more information: http://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=1549


The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology has been running Faculty Development Workshops for more than ten years. Traditionally, these workships have been “hands-on” sessions or series of sessions, and plans call for them to continue that way.

The schedule may change each semester, but the unchanging goal is to teach faculty the applications they need for their coursework, as well as to assist faculty in instructional design issues related to the creation, development and refinement of online and Web-enhanced courses. Lately, these workshops have included multimedia and other new applications.

Faculty Development Workshops are appropriately called “faculty development,” as they pertain to teaching excellence, rather than software training.

If you have any questions concerning the Faculty Development Workshops, would like to suggest a topic, or have any questions about other TLC programs, please contact Sandra Selick or call (201) 692-7061, as Sandra manages all of the TLC program curricula.

For more information and a current roster of workshops:

Descriptions of the workshops and their pre-requisites are available here.


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