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TNT Links from Al Debren

Posted by ctlt on May 19, 2011

Here’s a link to a page Al Debren created to share two Web links with folks attending this year’s TNT Institute.

The first link is to presentations by Ken Robinson on the TED Web site. The second link is to a new School of Education/FDU Technology Tools for Teachers Wiki. Everyone is invited to become a member!



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Conversations on Teaching – Transparency

Posted by Cathy Kelley on May 11, 2007

In the last “Conversations on Teaching” column I discussed some educational values that contribute to the quality of online or blended courses. These included Transparency, Organization, Alignment, Universal Design, Responsibility, Co-Presence, Appropriate Technology Use, and Ease of Maintenance. Over the next few columns I or some potential guest columnists will be discussing each of these concepts, and give some ideas for how you can realize these values in your classes.

“Transparency” means that your expectations for all aspects of the course are clear and easily accessible to the students. When your expectations are transparent, this means that your students do not have to guess or read between the lines when determining what they need to do next. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quality Online Classes – by Catherine Kelley

Posted by ctlt on March 21, 2007

What does it mean to say that a course is of “high quality?” Most people agree that a course is of high quality if most of the students learn the required material. Others will point to student engagement and satisfaction, as we hope that our students do not see our courses as drudgery but as interesting and valuable experiences.

The same values are true of online or blended classes. Designing a high-quality class means designing to ensure that desired learning outcomes are achieved, and to fully engage and motivate students. The following design principles will help ensure that all blended and online classes are of the highest possible quality: Read the rest of this entry »

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