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Planning Learning Experiences

Posted by ctlt on May 28, 2009

After registration and breakfast in Rice Lounge, Friday’s sessions began with a discussion of resources available for teaching and learning through the Office of Academic Technologies (OAT) and the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Manish Wadhwa, the Director of OAT spoke about the range of resources his office has responsibility for, and pointed out some features of the OAT Web site for participants.

OAT is responsible for installing and maintaining LCD projectors and sound equipment in public classrooms. Additionally, OAT is responsible for maintaining the Interactive Television (ITV) rooms on both campuses, and for scheduling classes and meetings in those rooms. OAT also administers and supports the Blackboard course management system, known as Webcampus at FDU. Webcampus is scheduled to be upgraded to Blackboard version 9 sometime in the near future, probably at the end of this coming Fall semester.

Manish was joined by Sandra Selick, who provided information about the TLC’s activities, and showed the Instructional Design Studio (id Studio) Web site to participants. The id Studio is a central location for course development support, faculty development workshops, and other activities on the Metro campus. Similar activities also take place at the College at Florham, but as yet we don’t have a space dedicated to meeting with faculty for those workshops or presentations.

Manish and Sandra distributed a sheet with Web addresses for all of the online resources that the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology supports or has contacts with, including this CTLT blog, the Student Centered Online Resources for Education (SCORE) site, and the Quality Assurance Wiki.


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