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Students drawn to distance learning to save on gas

Posted by Cathy Kelley on July 12, 2008

There have been a very large number of reports in the media in the past several weeks about students signing up for more distance or hybrid classes, and citing high fuel costs as the reason. To track this emerging phenomenon, Ray Schroeder has started a blog. You can find over two dozen news reports from a variety of local media sources here:


Ray isĀ  Professor Emeritus and the director of the OTEL (Office of Technology & Enhanced Learning) at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Some of you may remember Ray as one of our presenters at this year’s TNT event. I’ve had a number of interactions with Ray through the Sloan-C organization.

I wonder if hybrid learning can also help colleges and universities with their skyrocketing energy costs, if some campus buildings can be shut down for part of the week. I’ve only seen a few articles on this concept, but it too seems to be a new phenomenon with potential. What do you think?


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