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FMG On Demand

Posted by ctlt on May 23, 2008

During Wednesday’s lunch, Denise O’Shea, the CoolCAT NJ Systems Librarian, demonstrated FDU’s new online resource, digitized educational films available through streaming video. Working with NJ’s VALE (Virtual Academic Library Environment) consortium, FDU has licensed an initial collection of about 50 digitized educational films. Any member of the FDU community who has a Webmail account can visit the FMG Access site to learn more about the films that are available.

Faculty and staff at FDU can also request Films On Demand accounts, and use more advanced features at the Films On Demand Web site. Account holders can identify films they’re interested in, and make a list of those films as “My Videos,” or they create playlists of films and film segments as “My Playlists.” Further, with a Films On Demand account, you may identify segments of films you want to use in class, generate a stable URL for each segment and use those URLs to make films or film segments available to your students, by putting links in your Webcampus courses. Faculty can use film segments that have already been identified (as “learning objects”), or set start times and stop times within a film to create their own, customized learning objects.

For more information on FDU’s access to Films On Demand, visit this page on the library’s Web site. There you can find a link for a form to request a Films On Demand account, in order to access advanced features. Or you can download a Films On Demand training manual.

Denise O’Shea has her own blog, FDU Library Technology, where you can find more information about her work for FDU and the College of Saint Elizabeth. There you can also find more information about additional efforts to make digital video resources available for NJ educators.


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