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10 tips to keep your online or blended class up to date

Posted by Cathy Kelley on February 5, 2008

A recent issue of the newsletter Online Classroom includes an article that lists 10 great tips for easily keeping your online class up-to-date (Crone, 2007) . These tips will help you achieve one of the Quality Assurance Values identified in the Guide to Quality Assurance for Online and Blended Classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University:

Adaptability – The course is designed so that it will be easy to update, adjust for curricular changes, and to respond to changes within the discipline.

Crone points out that keeping classes updated is getting very difficult, as publishers frequently release more and more new editions of textbooks in order to keep sales up. (a topic for another post or discussion!) Given this reality, how can you design your class so that a new edition doesn’t mean a complete re-working of your class?

Crone makes some excellent suggestions, and some that I would offer with reservations. E.g., Crone advocates putting as much material as possible into your class rather than hyperlinking, as hyperlinks can get stale over time. I would add that you should be careful to comply with copyright regulations before doing this.

This article is not available on the open Internet. However you can find a full-text copy in our campus library’s online research databases. I used the Ebsco Academic Search Premier tool, and did a publications search for “Online Classroom.” From the publication page, simply click down through 2007 issues to the November issue.

We also keep paper copies of back issues of Online Classroom in the Instructional Design Studio located on the first floor of Dickinson Hall on the Metropolitan Campus.

Crone, D. (2007). Ten tips to extend the shelf life of your online class. Online Classroom, November 2007, pp 1, 3.


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