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Workshops – Faculty Development

Posted by ctlt on September 25, 2007

The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (formerly the Office of Educational Technology) has been running Faculty Development Workshops for more than nine years. Traditionally, they are hands-on sessions (or a series of sessions). The schedule changes each semester, but the goals remain: to teach faculty relevant applications needed for their coursework, as well as to assist faculty in instructional design issues for the development and refinement of online, blended, and Web-enhanced courses and multimedia applications. Faculty Development Workshops are appropriately called “faculty development,” as they pertain to teaching excellence, rather than software training.

This year, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is introducing Pre-Registration for our fall semester Faculty Development Workshops. Pre-registration enables faculty to schedule workshops at times and dates convenient to them.

Registration Instructions: Visit the registration website below and sign-up for the workshops you are interested in taking and on which campus. If you sign-up before each workshop’s registration deadline, you will be asked to list your availability for each day of the week. TLC will review all registrations and choose a date and time that accommodates as many faculty as possible. All attendees will then be notified by email at least one week prior to the scheduled date of the session. In order to keep some structure, each workshop has a target month assigned to it so that you have some idea of when you will be taking it.

Each workshop is one or two hours long and consists of a single session.

Please register online at: http://ctlt.fdu.edu/facultyworkshops.htm

Find workshop descriptions at: http://ctlt.fdu.edu/workshopsdesc.htm

In addition, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) offers faculty the services of our Coordinators of Instructional Design (CID). CIDs are available by appointment for individual or group instructional design consultations, from the beginner’s level to advanced. CIDs can assist you with the design process of creating or re-engineering your online or blended course. In addition, TLC will conduct custom workshops for faculty groups of five to fifteen. We are open to providing training on any topic as long as we have the expertise to teach it. Training must be scheduled in advance to ensure that lab space is available. Please contact Sandra Selick (selick@fdu.edu) to coordinate custom training for your faculty group.


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