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Events – Fall TNT Sparklers

Posted by ctlt on September 25, 2007

Please join us on Tuesday, October 2nd at 11am for our fall Teaching with New Technologies Sparkler. For this Metropolitan Sparkler, Jonathan Goodman (Silberman College) will talk to us about how students today have grown up with the Internet but do not understand the driving economic forces behind the rapidly changing aspects of Web 2.0. Using hands on projects throughout the semester, Jonathan’s students explored how their entrepreneurial knowledge could be applied to this industry.

During our College at Florham Sparkler on Wednesday, October 17th at 2pm, Daniel Cassino (Becton College) will present his pedagogical approaches to using Wikipedia with his students. According to Dan, no matter what we say, our students are going to use Wikipedia, so how can we put it to work for us in the classroom? During this discussion, Dan will give us ideas on how to use this ubiquitous information source as part of student assignments. Join us for this hands-on sparkler that will include lessons learned and best practices from a professor who has done it before.

For more than three years, the Teaching and Learning Center (formerly a part of the Office of Educational Technology and now under the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology) has been running a faculty development series called “TNT Sparklers.” Our “Sparklers” are not training events. They are instead roundtable-style moderated discussions, led by other faculty members or experts in the field. The focus is primarily on thinking through the best teaching methods for your online, blended, or web-enhanced classes. When the sessions offer a hands-on component, the session will still be targeted toward the development of quality teaching rather than primarily on learning new skills. For more information about this event or any of our other teaching and learning activities, please visit http://idstudio.fdu.edu.

You can register for these exciting sparklers by visiting this link:


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