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Welcome to our Blog

Posted by Cathy Kelley on August 30, 2007

Welcome to CTLT Dialogues, the blog for the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. We created this blog to share information and online resources with the academic community at FDU, and with others who may be interested. This blog replaces the department’s newsletter, and gives us a chance to make announcements and publicize our schedule of events in a more timely manner. More importantly, though, working with a blog allows us to engage in conversations with you about the issues and ideas associated with teaching and learning with technology. We encourage you to read our posts and comment on them.

For example, when I send out “article alerts,” I often get several e-mails from faculty members that open up a discussion about the article. I often wish that these discussions were public as they are quite interesting, and it would be wonderful for faculty to engage in this dialogue together. This blog provides an opportunity for exactly this kind of public dialogue. Each article and page includes a “comments” area for you to post your thoughts, and for others to respond.

The articles and pages you see posted here as of today are all either duplicates of material printed in our newsletters, or duplicates of material that we have sent out as FYIs to the whole university or to all faculty. We will soon discontinue broadcast e-mail of most of the FYIs however, and only post here. If you want to keep getting important information from us, click on the “Subscribe to email” link on the right hand side of the screen.

We hope that you like the blog, and look forward to many energetic discussions with you.


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